Primrose is an English actress who grew up in the South West of England. She first started performing at the age of 4 at Sidmouth Ballet school, as she grew older she then went on to learn tap, jazz and modern dance. She then began to avidly take part in all of the local amateur dramatic societies. It was through her extensive involvement in pantomime, plays and musicals that Primrose developed her acting, singing and dance skills. Throughout her childhood and early teens she has also gained many additional abilities such as horse riding, playing the saxophone and piano, skiing, numerous water sports and Judo.

Studying drama throughout school, after her AS levels she decided to enroll to study a 2 year BTEC extended diploma in performing arts. Whilst at college she also started private lessons in September and within December that year she was awarded a distinction, gold medal at grade 8 acting solo for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exams (LAMDA). Primrose decided to continue developing as a performer through industry experience and has since worked on various productions, alongside her blog; Style Petal. She has also completed her BADC standard stage combat (smallsword, rapier & dagger and unarmed) and is looking to complete her intermediate level in 2019.


ACCENTS: RP*, Heightened RP, Cockney, Essex, Manchester, Liverpool, West Country, Southern Irish, Cork, Scottish, General Welsh, Standard American, Texan, Californian, Bronx, Canadian, Australian, South African, Good conversational French. (*-Native)

SPORTS: Horse Riding (Trot, Canter, Galloping and small-medium jumps) Contemporary dancing, basic ballet, Lindy Hop/Swing dancing, water sports (Surfing, wake boarding, kayaking, scuba diving) Football, hockey, Netball. Skiing, Judo, Swimming. Running. (sprint and long distance)

MUSIC: Singing: Soprano. Chorus and solo singing. Instruments: Alto Saxophone and piano. Bass Guitar. (beginner) Basic guitar playing.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: BADC Standard Stage Combat (Distinction in unarmed combat, small sword and rapier and dagger). UK Standard driving licence. Improvisation, Barista & Latte art skills